Here’s a short story about how I quit sugar for 30 days and survived. // Это небольшой итог детокса, пишу его только на английском. На русском я подробно все описывала в дневнике тут.

So here’s the deal. It’s not like my life was lacking epic-ness, or anything like that. And it’s not that I really needed a challenge in my life (actually, yes, I did, but more on that later). However, I read this one article on BuzzFeed called I Quit Sugar For 30 Days And This Is What Happened and was absolutely amazed by the results (see for yourself here). I was like, is she for real? That’s all simply after quitting sugar? I felt compelled to try and recreate her journey, and so I did.

In the beginning it was a nightmare.

The first few days were accompanied with raging headaches, and I think it was what an abstinence syndrome feels like. I felt zero energy whatsoever and all I wanted was something sweet, something chocolate-y, something – anything! – with sugar. My shopping turned out to be a failure, too. As per the article above, I decided to cut out of my diet all kinds of sugars: from the actual sugar I typically add to my tea to the added sugar, which – AS IT TURNED OUT – is in pretty much all processed foods. Pickles, dressings, canned tomatoes, muesli’s, yoghurts – that fucking sugar was everywhere. It was like playing minesweeper, putting something in the basket, then remembering to check ingredients – and boom, bitch, you’re out. It turned out, that any food I liked had sugar in it.

What I did was switching mostly to raw ingredients – fruits, vegetables. I used olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressings, and when it came to spices I avoided mixes and picked bags that had only pepper, or only garlic powder in them (while still checking the list of ingredients religiously). I couldn’t eat at the restaurants as much as I used to, so I began cooking at home with a few super-quick recipes I had down my sleeve. Like putting spices and olive oil on chicken breasts and then leaving them in the oven for 30 minutes. It literally takes 5 minutes of active participation, and then you’re done, and half hour later you’ve got some good food on your table.

When it came to shopping it also turned out that the food I could eat was more expensive. Like muesli – the only kind I could eat cost around 10 bucks and to me, that’s a lot. But eventually the budget evened out – those extra 5 dollars I was paying for my fancy muesli were evened out by cutting out chocolate bars, sweet cravings, coke, etc. Shopping now also takes way less time for I know exactly what I can and can’t eat, so now I don’t have to ponder whether I want Toffifee or a pint of Snickers ice cream is enough to get me through the night.

Eventually, a few days later my headaches subsided and every day I felt lighter and more… energetic, I guess? Cutting out sugar led to me also eating with way more awareness. Breakfasts became my religion and allowed me to snack way less during the day (therefore, cutting on my cravings for Twix bars). I actually continued snacking – but on some raw foods, like fruits, or all-natural dried fruits bars.

It’s funny how just one change can introduce a few more into your life. After I’m done writing this post I’m going out for a run – something that’s completely unlike me. I am preparing for my first 5K next week and ultimately – for my first 10K this fall.

I am not going to fool you – quitting sugar was very hard. But it did bring some marvellous results: I am now feeling so much better, I am more active, I sleep better, I spend less money on food, my body is functioning properly, etc. It is incredible to see things like that happening to myself and even though the whole detox is over I will continue with the whole “reduce sugar” thing. It’s not going to be as strict I think, but now that I’ve tried eating like this I don’t think I’m going back to as much sugar as I used to consume.

Also, one last thing… It’s one change that happens to you as a person. I’d never thought I had any power of will. I firmly believed I had none whatsoever and with many things, I didn’t even want to start them, because I thought that I’d never finish them. But now… Now it’s this weird feeling like I can do anything, practically anything I set my mind to. I’ve never had a feeling like this before, it’s something that is now fundamentally different deep inside of me. So nope, it’s not only about food.

Anyways, hope you people liked this post. Wishing ya’ll clean eating, good health and positive thoughts! Stay lit, fam.



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