Jell-o, my peeps!

Sometimes I need a little self-esteem push, so I head over to the stats page of my blog and see all the countries from which people stumble across this beautiful Internet sensation that is Janerussian. Now, I do understand that most likely it’s Russians who live abroad (and, honestly, good for them) but just in case there’s someone who’s clicking this page and sees some cyrillic abracadabra, here’s a little catching up.

I am now officially 24, leaving my glorious 23 y.o. youth behind on Wednesday. It’s not like I’ve opened some wisdom box or suddenly become a grown up. I mean, yaaaaassss, 23 was indeed one very exciting year that I had thoroughly enjoyed, but dayyyyymn turning one year older for some reason felt even more exciting. Of course, I was celebrating turning 17, as per usual. I still refuse to acknowledge that date my passport wants me to live with.

So, here I am, feeling SUPA FLY on my 24 (scratch that) 17; getting ready for my big move to Moscow! You heard that right, after 7 years in St. Petersburg I’m packing up my bags (or, at least, trying to, with all my shoes and bags, ya know) and heading over to the Russian New York (can I call Moscow that? I mean, they are kinda similar – at least in terms of the vibe they’re giving out). This all comes after a very sudden chain of events, resulting in me (me!) getting into MSU for my master’s degree in journalism. MSU is pretty much the best university in Russia, and I was, like, “you guys sure? you actually want me to study journalism in your beautiful building on Mokhovaya st.? YA SURE?”. I mean, I didn’t say that out loud, but my face can spell out “say what?” with astonishing accuracy.

I still need to pick my specialisation and I really hope to get into strategic communications so I can polish my already impeccable PR skills (ha-ha, kidding, I’m a failure lol). It’s a new chapter and I’ve got that cool feeling about it, you know? Like something incredible is about to happen. After all, when I actually was 17, it was my dream to get into MSU and move to Moscow but back then everything played out in a slightly different way.

Oh, and also. I found a job. I am now… *drumroll, please* in copywriting. Whaaaaat? You work in a field where you have to write a lot, AND that’s actually something you love to do, AND people say you’re doing your job pret-ty fine? Whoa, life, slow down.

But yeah, let me introduce you to one very happy Jane. And that Jane doesn’t show up very often, so you better cherish this as much as I do. Ta!

P.S.: top photo is me on my birthday (which was one good day in Moscow weather-wise) holding a McDonalds ice cream cone and AMAZINGLY ENOUGH not dropping it on my new jumpsuit. Oh and btw I now worship jumpsuits, they are a gift from heaven to my fashionably mortal soul.


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  1. Gary
    September 5, 2016 / 9:28 pm

    Well happy belated birthday! You don’t look a day over 17😉 And McDonalds ice cream cones are the bomb!

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